Quaker Spring 2014

If you yearn for a more vibrant spiritual community,

If you hunger for more time for worship, reflection, and deepening the connections among Friends,
Come to Quaker Spring!


Quaker Spring:
Experiencing the Inward Christ Together
Barnesville, Ohio
June 24-29, 2014

We invite all Friends hungry for spiritual community, of all ages, to spend time in worship, reflection, conversation, and play. We hope to bring together Friends from all branches of Quakerism, to share what Spirit-led Quakerism is about at its core--and to experience it together.

Friends are welcome to attend part of the gathering.  Please come for whatever portion of the week you are able and feel led to attend.

The day's agenda_w.JPG

The "un-preprogrammed" daily program includes:
--Bible reading and study
--Waiting worship
--Afternoons free for rest, play, workshops, opportunities for clearness & support for ministries.
--Evening time to reflect/search together for God's voice around issues of concern to Friends arising out of the group.

For more on the  "shape of our days" at Quaker Spring, go to Daily Schedule

Families are welcome. We have childcare each morning and evening. Children are also welcome to take part in ANY of our regular sessions.

Gathering begins Tuesday with registration in the afternoon and supper followed by an evening session. It ends Sunday when we will join Stillwater Friends in Meeting for Worship, with a bag lunch to take on the road home.

Quaker Spring is returning in 2014 to Barnesville.  Our Bible study, worship and evening meetings for discernment will be held in Stillwater Meetinghouse.  We will be fed & housed at Olney Friends School, a short walk from the meetinghouse. There will be a variety of housing options, including staying in dorm rooms, a guest house, and camping. For more info on the school, the meetinghouse, and free-time activities in the area, click on Barnesville area info.  For driving times to Barnesville & public transportation options, see travel info.


Meeting in Barnesville provides an opportunity to find out more about and interact with Conservative Friends.  The Conservative Friends Gathering will be held this year on June 20-22 at the same location as Quaker Spring. Friends can remain in their room on campus at Olney during the 2 days between the gatherings if they wish to do so for $10 a night. Lunches can be had at Olney M & Tu & arrangements are being made for simple cooperative suppers at the Friends Center. The girls dorm kitchen is also available. Please email us if you are interested in staying over in Barnesville between these 2 gatherings.

FGC Summer Gathering will be taking place in 2014 only 90 minutes away in western PA beginning on Sunday evening June 29, right after QS ends this year.

Costs for attending this gathering are very low.
All fees are on a "free will offering basis". A guideline ($30-50/day/adult including meals) is provided but no one should stay away because of limited means.  The suggested fee range is even lower for YAFs and children.

Registration Information (including fees)
Online registration is now available via this link.

People hear about this gathering almost entirely by word of mouth. Please help us spread the word to other Friends who may be interested!  Downloadable flyers will be available closer to the gathering.

If you have any questions about registration or this gathering in general, please email us at quakerspring@gmail.com

QuakerSpring Home

Next summer's gathering will be held on:

Fri. 6/26 - Wed. 7/1, 2015

Poughkeepsie, NY

General info on the 2015 gathering

What is Quaker Spring like? (3 views)

Article on original gathering (Pamela Haines)
History & description (Deborah Haines)
Blog on 2012 gathering (Micah Bales)

Daily schedule

2014 attendees

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Please share these flyers with others who might be interested (the posters include photos):



If you have any questions about registration or this gathering in general, please email us at quakerspring@gmail.com

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To contact our planning / discerning group or to be added to our mailing list, email us at:

Reports on the 2013 gathering:
70 Friends from 8 YMs attended the 2013 Quaker Spring gathering held in Deerfield MA.

Joanna Hoyt wrote a series of in-depth blogs describing what occurred at the 2013 gathering & her reflections on it.

Quaker Spring: My People?
"By their examples, their prayer, their inner wrestling, their shared presence in silence, my fellow Quaker Spring participants made it easier for me to open myself a little more fully to God."

Privilege: Living the Questions

This is the beginning of 5 blogs on several indepth explorations on the role class & race play in Quakerism & how we can respond more faithfully around these issues as a community - led by several Friends of color.

Mental Illness, Healing & The Life of the Spirit
Two very unusual sessions were held this year where Friends shared with great courage & vulnerability about their own & their families' experiences with mental illness.

2013 Attendees

Epistles, talks, reports & minutes of exercise
from previous gatherings

The QS planning committee held a retreat 2/28-3/2 in Philadelphia. We adopted a minute clarifying the mission of Quaker Spring & the role of the listening committee in our gatherings.
The Role of the Listening Committee